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In the Booth with Ruth – Graham Smith, Author

Graham Smith

What’s your writing background? When did you begin writing and what inspired you? 

I seriously began writing about eighteen months ago. I was inspired by all the great books I’ve read over the years along with a few bad ones which left me feeling that I could do better. My friend Col Bury was the one who gave me a boot up the backside and really got me going though.

Having reviewed crime fiction for for two years it was a kind of natural progression. 

How often do you write? And how do you manage to fit in writing among other commitments? 

I write two or three times a week at best just now as I have been very busy with work and family life. I tend to write when the rest of the household has gone to bed and in fact I’m writing this interview at 9.00pm on a Friday night and I’m stone cold sober. Some of my writing though is reviews, interviews and blog posts. Ideally I’d love to be in the position where I could write full time. 

In which genre do you most enjoy writing? 

Crime fiction is my natural stamping ground although my short stories also encompass a lot of suspense and thrills as well as properly dark and psychologically chilling pieces. 

What draws you to write in that genre? 

I just love the diversity of crime fiction. It encompasses such a wide range of styles from the likes of Silence of the Lambs to Miss Marple style cosy crimes to action led novels like Lee Child’s Reacher series to the historical artefacts range of novels such as The Da Vinci Code.

I love the idea of setting a puzzle for someone to try and solve while designing the puzzle in such a way that the reader fails because of a late twist or revelation. Also crime fiction allows the author to tackle heavy duty subjects and put their characters through unimaginable (we have to imagine it though) horrors which will have a moral or populist conclusion. 

Can you tell me about your current project(s)?

I’m currently re-writing my debut novel, which without giving too much away is about a middle class couple who engage desperate measures to raise the required ransom for their children’s release. Meanwhile the police are investigating crimes committed by the couple completely unaware of the kidnapping. About halfway through the police learn of the kidnapping and then things really escalate. 

What are your writing plans for the future? 

Write more. Write better. Procrastinate less. Get distracted much less…ooh look a butterfly.

Once my novel is as good as I can get it then I’ll be trying to secure an agent with the aim of having it traditionally published. I also have an invitation to submit something to an anthology and I have plans for more Harry Charters stories. 

Where can people find out more about you?

Twitter – @GrahamSmith1972


Blog –

Amazon Author Page – UK / US


My own eBooks:

Gutshots: Ten Blows to the Abdomen – UK / US

Harry Charters Chronicles – UK / US

Eleven The Hardest Way – UK / US

Anthology Entries

Off the Record 2: At the Movies

True Brit Grit

Action: Pulse Pounding Tales

Flashy Shorts

About Ruth Jacobs (296 Articles)
Author of Soul Destruction: Unforgivable, a novel exposing the dark world and harsh reality of life as a drug addicted call girl. The main storyline is based loosely on events from my own life. In addition to fiction writing, I am also involved in journalism and broadcasting, primarily for human rights campaigning in the areas of sex workers' rights, anti-sexual exploitation and anti-human trafficking.

2 Comments on In the Booth with Ruth – Graham Smith, Author

  1. You hit the ground running, Graham. The other folks (including me and I knew about you) better not look back because there’s someone gaining on them. That’s you, mate. Now get back to writing you’ve lollygagged enough. 🙂

  2. He’s a good egg that Graham Smith

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