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Fragile Soul by Hanim Rose

Guest post by Hanim Rose

Photo credit: cryptic_star, Flickr

Photo credit: cryptic_star, Flickr

Fragile, she cries for the loss of a soul that stood no chance,
This soul is now in heaven and around her angels dance.
Time heals the wounds no other external force can.
There is no escaping the hurt inflicted by this heartless man.

She watches the hands of the clock turn and turn,
As she feels the pain of another lesson to learn,
Kneeling down to pray for forgiveness and grace,
Forgive me God and take this soul to a better place.

She wonders if the scars will heal
With her fingertips she can feel…
Across her heart the bitterness,
Ever reminding her this nightmare was real.



Hanim RoseHanim Rose is a writer and recovering addict. Her blog is at She can be found on Twitter at @hanim_rose and on Facebook.

About Ruth Jacobs (296 Articles)
Author of Soul Destruction: Unforgivable, a novel exposing the dark world and harsh reality of life as a drug addicted call girl. The main storyline is based loosely on events from my own life. In addition to fiction writing, I am also involved in journalism and broadcasting, primarily for human rights campaigning in the areas of sex workers' rights, anti-sexual exploitation and anti-human trafficking.

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