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Currency of Corruption Bring Their “Dishonest Rock ‘n’ Roll” to the Booth

Currency of Corruption

CURRENCY OF CORRUPTION is the “dishonest rock ‘n’ roll” duo of Richard Godly (vocals/drums) and Dean ‘Deano’ Leavens (keyboards/arrangements) plus various session musicians

Can you tell me how Currency of Corruption first got together?  

We were introduced by our friend Mick Fox. I was looking to do something more organic than just jamming with friends and Deano was looking to work with musicians – at the time he was producing dance music in his spare bedroom, but not finding it fulfilling.

What are you up to at the moment? 

We’re currently recording our first album and very soon we’ll be auditioning for a drummer and a bass player to complete the line up. Once we’ve found the right people, we’ll be busy rehearsing so we can start gigging. This summer should see the first of our gigs.

What’s the history of the band?

I have a small recording studio in my garden and invested some money in equipment, which I didn’t really know how to use so I was looking for a producer/engineer to hook up with who shared my ideas and to start making some proper music. That’s when I was introduced to Deano. We also work with a couple of friends, Marko and Tommie, who play guitars and come in as and when needed to record their parts. Our name ‘Currency of Corruption’ came from when I was watching a documentary on Zimbabwe and saw that people were going into shops with carrier bags full of money just to buy a loaf of bread and milk.

Currency of Corruption - Richard and Deano

When did you begin taking an interest in music and who are your musical influences?

Both of us have always loved music and taken that passion a step further and learnt to play different instruments. My main instrument is the drums, but I can also feel my way around the bass and saxophone. Deano is a very good keyboardist and a genius with production and arrangements. My musical influences vary from Level 42 through to punk. If it’s good then it doesn’t matter what genre. Deano is younger than me and has grown up listening more to dance/house and indie.

How would you describe your music? 

We don’t set out to sound like anyone, but obviously we get compared to other bands – some have said Roxy Music, Magazine, Placebo, Bowie, which were okay with as they’re great bands. Different people hear different things. We don’t really think that way as we’re too busy with the next track.

Where does the inspiration for new songs come from? How do you work together on new material?

I’ll get a tune in my head, put a drum track down, then start writing some lyrics. The melody in my head I’ll translate to Marko or Tommie and then hey presto everything starts coming together. Then Deano works his magic, and that seems to be working for us at the moment.

You have chosen ‘Sharp Intake of Breath’ for readers to listen to. Who wrote that song? Can you tell me what inspired it and what it means to you?

This is the latest song we’ve recorded. It’s slightly different to our other tracks but everyone we’ve played it to seems to like it. Again, it was just a tune in my head. The lyrics are about coming from nowhere and trying to get somewhere at all costs. I don’t get too precious or profound about my lyrics. Hopefully, people will find something in the words they can relate to. I’m not a natural singer/songwriter, so I try and just say something that strikes a chord in people’s lives.

What are your plans for the future? 

To finish the album, get a few gigs under our belts and hopefully get some studio time in a much bigger/better studio. Then whatever will be.

Where can people find out more about you? 

You can find out about us on our Facebook page – we’ve only just put the page together but soon you’ll be able to see more pictures and videos and news about gigs. We’re also on Soundcloud. We constantly strive to go forward and get better.

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