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From destitution and homelessness to nightclub bouncer and close protection expert, author Robin Barratt shares his journey to becoming a Good Energy Therapist and his new book, The Little Book of Good Energy

Robin Barratt

Can you tell me about your new book?

My new book is the first of a series I am writing about Good Energy. I believe in Good and Bad Energy, as I am sure we all do, and I fervently believe that if you are good to others, and do good things for others, and feel positive and give others good energy, you will always, always get much more in return, maybe not from the same person or at the same time, but you will always get more back.

I also believe that the Universe balances itself out; all the time, every time and without fail. It balances good energy with more good energy, and of course it will always balance bad energy with more bad energy. Having good energy and giving good energy to other people, and therefore receiving good energy back in return, is vital for balance and harmony; both personally as well as in the world, and so this little pocket guide book is a perfect way to remind yourself about the patterns of good energy in everyday life, and an excellent way to both maintain a high level of good energy – for yourself – and helps you consistently give good energy away to other people.

It’s very different from your previous published books. Was there a change in your life, circumstances or an event that inspired you to write this?

It is as about as opposite to my other books as you could get – my genre was gangsters and gangs and nightclub bouncers and hard men (and a few women). Definitely not areas of good energy! But, to be honest, I got sick and tired of writing about things that are bad. I wanted to write about good things, and empowerment, and about how to lead a better life.

Sure, bad things do happen to good people. This is undeniable. But more good things happen to good people, than bad things. And visa-versa of course; good things also happen to bad people, but more bad things than good things happen to bad people. It makes sense; if you are good to someone they are less likely to be bad to you in return, and if you are bad to people they are almost certainly not going to be good to you in return! I want to promote this message and to say you can change your life around, no matter what sort of life you have led.

My life now is a million miles away from what it was a few years ago, when being good and doing good and giving out good energy wasn’t an everyday thing, and actually wasn’t even in my vocabulary! I had no understanding or notion of these magnificent unseen energy forces that could have so quickly and fundamentally changed my life. I didn’t give out good energy and led a fairly self-centred, selfish life; I was never a bad person of course, and didn’t do bad things, but I wasn’t a particularly good person either! I was too pre-occupied with my everyday life to think much about anyone else, and I was too concerned with the daily struggle I had to survive to even consider doing anything else for anyone else.

Only now do I realise how misguided and wrong I was; because even in times of complete destitution and enormous difficulty, if I had given good energy out to others, it would have come back to me and things would have therefore got much better for me, very quickly. But, because things were bad at that time, I gave out bad energy. And because I gave out bad energy, bad things happened. And because bad things happened I gave out even more bad energy. And because I then gave out even more bad energy, more bad things happened… and on and on it went. It is called the spiral of destitution.

However, since learning more about energy flow and balance, and studying how to create good energy and how to then give out that good energy to others, my life has changed immeasurably. And so I want to help others achieve this state too. If one person’s life changes for the better – even slightly – from following my guidelines in my book, I have been successful!

What research, if any, did you undertake before or while writing?

I didn’t do any research, this is just a book of my thoughts, feelings and mindset based on my experiences and life. I have had a tough life. I left a broken home when I was just sixteen years old, living in a stinking, cold bedsit. Drifting through no-hope jobs and frequently unemployed, I started working as a nightclub bouncer in my early twenties and, over twenty or so years, have worked in some of the roughest clubs in some of the roughest places in the UK.

I also became a close protection expert and studied a lot of street-style self-defence. I have seen friends shot dead beside me and, on occasions, have set out to shoot people myself. I have had money and lived in plush river-view apartments in London, and have had, quite literally, nothing, living off porridge for days and on more than one occasion been homeless.

I had three heart-attacks in my mid 40s, and have a host of other medical issues, which stops me doing many things in life, including a recent diagnosis of glaucoma that has resulted in a permanent loss of vision, meaning I am now unable to drive.

I am 51 now. And yes, on more than one occasion I have seriously considered leaving this desperate and hopeless life to the other world. You can say I have been to the brink and back, more than once. But I have always tried to keep a good heart and to be kind, and to try to think of others. And what has kept me going, even during the bleakest and darkest of days? Good energy and a positive attitude. If this has kept me going, then this can keep others going too, no matter what their background or life’s experiences.

Can you share about the writing process – did you plan in advance or write ‘by the seat of your pants’?

I am useless at planning and am actually a lazy, lazy writer. I find it so hard to get started, and days, weeks, months pass without me writing a single word, strangely there are so many other things I seem to find to do! But when I start I don’t stop, and write and write until my project is finished. And then I’m lazy again!

Is there a particular message in the book you’d like readers to understand or take away with them?

Yes, do good, be good, think of others, and others will be good, do good and think of you too. Guaranteed.

Where can people buy the book?

Via my website is best, as I’ll then sign and send a copy out and send some good energy with it. It is also on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Robin Barratt - The Little Book of Good Energy- 750 px wide

Where can you be found online?

  • Robin Barratt’s ‘Writing Life’ interview can be read here.
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