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In the Booth with Ruth – Paul D. Brazill, Author

Paul D. BrazillWhat’s your writing background? When did you begin writing and what inspired you?

At the end of 2008, I discovered a few flash fiction sites. Most notably, Six Sentences and Powder Burn Flash.

I liked what I read and decided to give it a go. And things trundled forward from then on.

Before that, I’d attended a screenwriting course in London and produced the grand total of ONE screenplay. Which was crap. And I lost.

I also wrote lyrics with the songwriter Peter Ord, for a bit.

How often do you write? And how do you manage to fit in writing among other commitments?

I write as I do most other things – in an ad hoc, slap dash manner.

I’m not a good example for an aspiring writer as I have no work ethic.

I’m a feckless dilettante in all things.

In which genre do you most enjoy writing?

I like anything where I can create mood, atmosphere.

So, in theory, no genre is better than others for me.

But I do really like a drop- or two- of the dark stuff. So the various strands of ‘noir’ — crime, horror really blow my skirt up.

What draws you to write in that genre?

To find light in the darkness, maybe? Or maybe I’m a sick, sick man who takes great pleasure in other people’s misfortunes. Or a bit both?

Can you tell me about your current project(s)?

Blood Stained Sun is a novelette I’m writing for the Italian publisher, Atlantis. I’ve already written one for them- Red Esperanto, which is set in Warsaw.

They recently asked me to write a follow up. This one is set in Madrid and again features English hack Luke Case, who gets into ton of trouble when he gets involved with a singer.

What are your writing plans for the future?

I’m also writing a novella starring Roman Dalton, the werewolf P I that I created. He features in the Drunk On The Moon anthology

It’s called The Neon Boneyard and it’s looking good, so far.

Where can people find out more about you?

Well, I’m a gadabout at Facebook and Twitter, mostly, but I’m also on Goodreads, Pinterest, Linkedin. Other such dives.

But the best place is my blog.

  • Paul D. Brazill’s ‘In the Booth with His Books: Guns of Brixton & Gumshoe’ interview can be read here.
About Ruth Jacobs (296 Articles)
Author of Soul Destruction: Unforgivable, a novel exposing the dark world and harsh reality of life as a drug addicted call girl. The main storyline is based loosely on events from my own life. In addition to fiction writing, I am also involved in journalism and broadcasting, primarily for human rights campaigning in the areas of sex workers' rights, anti-sexual exploitation and anti-human trafficking.

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  1. BTW is the novella for Atlantis is now called ‘Death On A Hot Afternoon.’

  2. And thanks for the interview!

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