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Free the IRP-6 – Wrongfully Convicted and Sentenced to Prison for a Crime They Didn’t Commit


How a business dream became a nightmare by Jueseppi B.

The federal government targeted IRP, shut them down, and prosecuted and convicted its executives​.

​Dr. Alan Bean, Executive Director of Friends of Justice, has partnered with A Just Cause to look into the wrongful conviction of six executives who ran a software development company.​

If investigated thoroughly, it’s not difficult to see that the IRP-6 were railroaded by a corrupt judge, Christine Arguello, and prosecutor, Matthew Kirsch. They both assisted in a cover-up for big businesses wanting case investigative software that the small IRP Solutions business had to offer to law enforcement throughout this country.

It is astounding that the Associated Press was extremely vocal when the unethical practices of the DOJ were directed at them, but have been silent when it comes to reporting stories on average American citizens, like the IRP-6, and how ‘prosecutorial misconduct’ played a huge part in these six business executives being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to prison for a crime they didn’t commit.

This case shows the public what a corrupt judicial system we have. How can anyone expect to be treated fairly in our court today? The government is upset about the IRS – that’s not news, it’s been happening for many years to the little man. What about judges and prosecutors sending innocent men to prison and nothing is done about it? When is the government going to get upset about that? Not only get upset, but do something. Right the wrong.

In order to free these men and to restore their good names, business, and lives will take the DOJ to conduct a thorough General Inquiry into this case:

(1) for missing transcripts,

(2) violations of 5th Amendment Right, and lastly.

(3) right to a Speedy Trial.

If a proper investigation is done, there will be no doubt that the Prosecutor & Judge were working together with big businesses to run their small competitor, IRP Solutions Corporation, out of business to maintain their lucrative, large dollar government contracts.

Our American government is never thought of as being our enemy. We don’t go to bed nightly thinking or worrying about the door being kicked in by our own government.

We should.


Telling the IRP-6 Story by Dr. Alan Bean, Executive Director, Friends of Justice​

This is a story about how prosecutorial tunnel vision created a tragic communication failure. ​The criminal justice system exists to give everyone a chance to tell their story. ​Juries decide who brings the best story to the table. ​Bad things happen when the system amplifies one story while silencing the other.

​​The IRP-6 case is characterized by an unusually deep divide between the government’s story and the defendants’ story.

​​Such a wide gap is ​rare, 95% of federal cases are resolved short of trial because few defendants ultimately maintain their innocence. ​If a federal case proceeds to trial it is either ​because the government isn’t offering much of a plea deal or because ​the defendants actually believe​ in their own innocence. There are two ways of approaching the issue and everything depends on where you start. ​It has been said that where we place ​our focus determines what we miss. The complete story can be read here.

For more information see and & Jueseppi B’s website

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