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March 2013

In the Booth with Ruth – Tracey Edges, Author

March 30, 2013 // 0 Comments

I have always been a massive reader, from pre-school, and have always had the idea that I may write novels for a living. Creatively, I ended up going down the Fine Art route and I am an Exhibiting Artist. My work is currently hanging in the restaurant at the Grimsby Institute. I have always written, but never put it out for public consumption....

In the Booth with Ruth – Robin Barratt, Author

March 28, 2013 // 4 Comments

I wasn't from a writing background. In fact, I didn't write a word really until I wrote my first book in 2003/4. I was in the security industry for many years, starting off as a bouncer on the doors of pubs and clubs across the UK, then I went into nightclub management. After a few years doing this, I went on a close protection (bodyguard) course, and ended up...

In the Booth with Ruth – Ian Young, Author

March 27, 2013 // 0 Comments

So I was drawn towards actually writing a book because I knew I had a tale that needed telling. There are so many colourful stories in my life that I felt it would be a useful tool for people to use as examples of where I went wrong or to see where an addict’s life can take them. In addition, I wanted to make sure there was plenty of solution based ideas for people to begin to get a better understanding of addictive disease and to educate them to help their loved ones recover from their own addictions.

In the Booth with Ruth – Jayne Rogers, Community Mental Health Team Leader

March 27, 2013 // 12 Comments

I come from a perspective of working in mental health; there is a long history of women with mental health problems being violently sexually abused and forced into prostitution by pimps. The police are generally of very little help and appear to think that abuses should be managed by services operating safeguarding policies to protect the vulnerable. Of course this means that women do not receive a service...

In the Booth with Ruth – Allan Watson, Author

March 16, 2013 // 6 Comments

I’ve always believed that children (and adults) try to emulate anything which becomes a powerful passion in their lives. While most kids I hung around with wanted to be footballers, train drivers, drug dealers etc, I was swept away by the power of the written word, and wanted to be Enid Blyton - became a bit of a laughing stock at school when I turned up in...

In the Booth with Ruth – Danny Kemp, Author

March 10, 2013 // 2 Comments

I wrote through necessity. To occupy my mind whilst being out of work as a result of a road traffic accident in 2006. I never had a wish to do that before, but during those dark days, almost four years, of anxiety and depression, when the thoughts of taking my life were so prominent, I turned to writing to distract those thoughts. It worked; I’m still here..

In the Booth with Ruth – Josie-Anne Gray, Author, Poet, Singer & Songwriter

March 6, 2013 // 0 Comments

I have been most prolific as a poet I suppose and I still devote a lot of time to poetry and song writing. I co-write songs with my fellow band member Simon Naylor. We have a great understanding of each other's thought processes and motivations. We've been seriously writing together for seven years for our band ‘Merlin's Keep’ and are now working on our fifth album...

Cry for the Merseyside Model: Crimes Against People in Prostitution/Sex Workers Must Be Treated As Hate Crimes UK Wide

March 4, 2013 // 33 Comments

These very real women photographed above are dead. They were murdered, and most of their cases remain unsolved. Women in prostitution suffer higher rates of murder [the mortality rate for women in prostitution in London is twelve times the national average - Home Office 2004a], higher rates of rape [more than half have been raped and/or seriously...